Debby Knight


Debby Knight - Since 2016

  This is a picture of me with my daughter. She is now one of my caregivers!

     If I could say one thing that I feel is so important, it's this: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! You know your body better than anyone else. Then, act! If something doesn't feel right, tell your Doctor. Then tell them what you want them to do to help you figure it out.

     If I would've listened sooner, maybe my outcome would be better. Or, maybe wouldn't have gotten this bad this quickly. 

     When I think about my symptoms, I think of the shortness of breath that I had years ago. I thought I was just out of shape, never thought I could be sick. By the time I realized this was more than being out of shape, I was in a downhill spiral. Within a few months, I went from being on no oxygen, to 6L around the clock. And now just a few more months, I'm on 8L at rest and 15 with exertion and sleep.

     I was diagnosed April 2016 with idiopathic primary pulmonary arterial  hypertension. It has put me into congestive heart failure and now I have interstitial lung disease. I was told in September 2016 that I needed bilateral lung transplants. Was to be put on the transplant list in January. By then the Doctors told me my heart was too sick to do the surgery. They were worried I wouldn't make it through the surgery and/or recovery. We tried a second place and was told I need to lose 40 lbs. before they would put me on that list. Thinking of trying a third place, soon.

     I keep hitting roadblocks, but I'm not giving up! I have too many things on my "bucket" list. I want to see my grandchildren graduate and get married. And I need more great grandchildren. I  already have three. But, we always wanted a big family. 

     So, remember, listen to your body. You only get one. And, if you are blessed with a healthy body, please consider becoming an organ donor for those of us who need help.

     And, Prayers are always welcome! I'm sure others would agree. Thank you!