Rita Bednas


Rita Bednas - Breathing Easy Since 2013

Rita was diagnosed in 1997 with PPH, when there was only one drug available, Flolan. She wasn’t ready to be tied down to an IV Port so she refused treatment at that time. She worked full time and had grandchildren that she wanted to continue being active with, until the doctor told her she could be part of a blind trial for Subcutaneous Remodulin. So began her PHight for a better life of breathing.

She was definitely a go-getter and PHighter. She became active with the PHA and became a mentor for some of the phriends who were just getting started on the Sub-Q Remodulin. She was a wonderful person inside and out, and loved helping others as much as she could.

She was a hard working individual and was determined nothing would stop her from living a full life and seeing her grandchildren grow up. She started to crochet hats and scarves for those in need and really kept herself focused on other things aside from her illness. Traveling was another of the main things she started doing when she realized the medications were starting to fail her and her condition was getting worse. She worked up until January 2013 when she started to really feel her body slowing down. In June of 2013 she started to take a turn for the worse. From January to August she was hospitalized for excessive edema more than 3 times. She was a phighter to the end, even when she was phighting for her last breath, she had a smile on her face, and laughter was her final farewell. She became our guardian Angel September 18, 2013.